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    The below plan reflects the current planning based on Streetworks Permits being granted for all works. Please note these dates are subject to change.

    Street Name Ward Proposed Start Date Proposed Finish Date
    ARROWE BROOK ROADPensby and Thingwall Ward7/4/20227/15/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward7/4/20227/17/2022
    CORPORATION ROADBidston and ST James Ward7/4/20227/8/2022
    LINKWAY EASTCentral Ward7/4/20227/18/2022
    UPTON ROADUpton Ward7/4/20228/5/2022
    OLD BIDSTON ROADBidston and ST James Ward7/11/20227/15/2022
    WAVERTREE ROADPicton Ward7/11/20227/18/2022
    ROCK FERRY BYPASS7/13/20227/22/2022
    BOTANIC ROADPicton Ward7/14/20227/18/2022
    WARRINGTON OLD ROADKingsway Ward7/14/20227/25/2022
    WAVERTREE ROADPicton Ward7/14/20227/18/2022
    MARSHALLS CROSS ROADSutton Ward7/15/20228/5/2022
    ARROWE PARK ROADGreasby,Frankby, Irby Ward7/18/20227/22/2022
    ARROWE PARK ROADGreasby,Frankby, Irby Ward7/18/20227/29/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward7/18/20227/20/2022
    CHADWICK STREETKirkdale Ward7/18/20227/20/2022
    CHESTER LANEBold Ward 7/18/20228/1/2022
    FORMBY BYPASSHarington/Raven Meols Ward7/18/20227/22/2022
    JUBITS LANESutton Ward7/18/20227/22/2022
    JUBITS LANESutton Ward7/18/20227/29/2022
    MILTON AVENUEWhiston/Cronton Ward7/18/20228/5/2022
    PALL MALLKirkdale Ward7/18/20227/20/2022
    SINCLAIR AVENUEWhiston/Cronton Ward7/18/20228/12/2022
    THINGWALL LANESwanside Ward7/18/20228/5/2022
    MARSHALLS CROSS ROADSutton Ward7/19/20227/21/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward7/20/20227/22/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward7/22/20227/22/2022
    HUYTON LANERoby Ward7/23/20227/24/2022
    TUNNEL ROADBirkenhead/Tranmere Ward7/24/20227/26/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward7/25/20229/2/2022
    VICTORIA AVENUEKingsway Way 7/25/20227/27/2022
    WALKERS LANEBold Ward 7/25/20227/28/2022
    WARRINGTON ROADRainhill Ward7/25/20227/29/2022
    HOLLY BANK AVENUEWhiston/Cronton Ward7/26/20227/28/2022
    CLIFTON ROADBirkenhead/Tranmere Ward7/27/20228/5/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward7/28/20228/1/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward7/29/20228/2/2022
    BIRCHFIELD AVENUEAppleton Ward8/1/20228/3/2022
    EAST LANCASHIRE ROAD8/1/20228/26/2022
    FORMBY BYPASSHarington/Raven Meols Ward8/1/20229/2/2022
    LINGFIELD ROADKnotty Ash Ward8/1/20228/3/2022
    WATERLOO PLACEBirkenhead/Tranmere Ward8/1/20228/5/2022
    GREYSTONE ROADWhiston/Cronton Ward8/3/20228/5/2022
    ELTON HEAD ROADThatto Heath Ward 8/8/20228/12/2022
    POOL LANEUpton Ward8/10/20228/24/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward8/12/20228/16/2022
    BRADSHAW STREETKingsway Ward8/19/20228/23/2022
    MARSHALLS CROSS ROADSutton Ward8/19/20229/5/2022
    BACK MULBERRY STREETPrinces Park Road8/22/20229/6/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward8/26/20228/30/2022
    HAMILTON SQUAREBirkenhead/Tranmere Ward8/28/20229/13/2022
    CHURCH LANEUpton Ward8/29/20229/13/2022
    FLEETCROFT ROADUpton Ward8/29/20229/26/2022
    ATHOLL DUNCAN DRIVEGreasby,Frankby, Irby Ward9/1/20229/15/2022
    PASTURE ROADUpton Ward9/5/202210/7/2022
    WALLASEY VILLAGEWallasey Ward9/5/20229/23/2022
    WALSINGHAM ROADSeacombe Ward9/5/20229/19/2022
    OLD BIDSTON ROADBidston and ST James Ward9/12/20229/26/2022
    STRAND STREETCentral Ward9/12/20229/26/2022
    THOMAS DRIVEKnotty Ash Ward9/12/20229/26/2022
    WATERLOO ROADChurch Ward9/12/20229/23/2022
    REGENT ROADDukes Ward9/14/20229/16/2022
    WARRINGTON ROADRainhill Ward9/16/20229/30/2022
    OXFORD ROADChurch Ward9/20/20229/23/2022
    BROOK STREETBromborough Ward9/26/202210/28/2022
    FORMBY BYPASSHarington/Raven Meols Ward9/26/202210/14/2022
    SAXON ROADDukes Ward9/28/20229/30/2022
    BANK LANEMolyneux Ward10/1/202210/2/2022
    WILMERE LANEFarmworth Ward10/4/202210/18/2022
    CHILDWALL LANERoby Ward10/6/202210/26/2022
    CHILDWALL LANERoby Ward10/6/202210/26/2022
    EASTON ROADRoby Ward10/6/202210/26/2022
    EASTON ROADRoby Ward10/6/202210/26/2022
    PILCH LANE EASTRoby Ward10/6/202210/26/2022
    PILCH LANE EASTRoby Ward10/6/202210/26/2022
    WESTERN AVENUEPage Moss Ward10/6/202210/26/2022
    SHAW LANEPrescot North Ward10/9/202210/25/2022
    RUPERT ROADWhiston/Cronton Ward10/10/202211/1/2022
    TABLEY STREETRiverside Road10/10/202210/25/2022
    WESTERN AVENUEPage Moss Ward10/10/202211/1/2022
    EDGE LANEHarington/Raven Meols Ward10/11/202210/13/2022
    BIRCHFIELD ROADAppleton Ward10/13/202210/28/2022
    MOSS SIDEHarington/Raven Meols Ward10/13/202210/14/2022
    BLEAK HILL ROADRainford Ward10/17/202210/21/2022
    INCE ROADHarington/Raven Meols Ward10/17/202210/19/2022
    RAINFORD ROADTown Centre Ward 10/17/202212/11/2022
    SEFTON DRIVEMolyneux Ward10/17/202210/19/2022
    DENTONS GREEN LANEWindle Ward10/24/202211/20/2022
    GEORGE STREETBidston and ST James Ward10/24/202211/7/2022
    KIRKLAND STREETTown Centre Ward 10/24/202211/20/2022
    LINGHOLME ROADTown Centre Ward 10/24/202211/20/2022
    LORD STREETBirkenhead/Tranmere Ward10/28/202211/12/2022
    SANDFORD STREETBirkenhead/Tranmere Ward10/31/202211/14/2022
    WATSON STREETBirkenhead/Tranmere Ward10/31/202211/14/2022

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